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Magazine Covers

One day back in 2018, I found myself leafing through a bunch of magazines while I was waiting for my appointment at the hairdresser's.

Every magazine would give advice on how to look slimmer, younger, more beautiful, more charming, and even on how to make your partner happier in bed. Also, on one page you'd see a photo of flawless, Photoshopped women and on the next you'd see paparazzi photos put there with the intent of shaming famous women's natural bodies.

But is this REALLY what women want to learn from a magazine? Is this REALLY the content women relate to?

Dissatisfied with the fake realities these magazines portray, I created ROGUE; my own, more realistic and relatable, magazine covers - with a hint of sarcasm.


January 2018 issue. Cover


VOGUE Archive.
January 1, 2018 issue. Cover

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