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Giorgia has been organising international design conferences at Design Matters since 2019. Her main focus revolves around the conferences in Copenhagen - the largest - and Tokyo

She's collaborated with a plethora of giants in the creative and tech industry:
Figma, Google, Duolingo, LEGO, Notion, Slack, Dropbox, Spotify, Adobe, Shopify, GitHub, the BBC, Miro, SPACE10, Unity Technologies, Meta, SONY, teamLab, Dalton Maag, and more.

Her role sees her: 
researching relevant and emerging topics for the conferences

scouting, selecting, and recruiting speakers for the talks, workshops, and other activities that are part of the conferences

ensuring the quality and relevance of the talks and workshops, through a series of meetings and check-ins
brainstorming and deciding upon the themes of each conference, together with her team and a committee of international designers

planning and executing the communications and SoMe campaigns and strategy for each event
updating and maintaining the website 
• managing the stage and collaborating with the AV team during the conference whilst ensuring everything is proceeding smoothly
setting up and dismantling the venue before and after each event, together with her team

In 2023 she also contributed to the conferences in Mexico City and Lagos, providing assistance with communications and social media - in-person in Mexico City and remotely for Lagos.

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