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From newsletters to information sheets, decks, website layouts and copy, SoMe captions & media, push notifications, emails, press kits and branding guidelines, Giorgia has shaped a plethora of documentation, visual materials, and internal & external communication at Design Matters.

Previously, at Airtame, she wrote press releases as well as cold and warm emails. At Project6, she created promotional material such as fliers and posters as well as SoMe content. At the luxury travel agency Azure Collection, she wrote and updated the copy of the website, emailed existing and potential customers, and crafted descriptions and itineraries for the customers.

Working with communications in a variety of fields, ranging from digital design to tech, luxury travel and social work/sex education has allowed Giorgia to refine her skills and adapt to the needs and wants of a wide variety of audiences. Having lived in a few different countries, she also understands and speaks a few languages (English, Italian, Venetian, but also Swedish, Japanese, and French with a varying level of fluidity), which come in handy when communicating with international audiences and working in intercultural settings
In her free time Giorgia enjoys making reels and keeping up with the latest trends and memes - her friends claim "she has seen all the memes on the Internet". 

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