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At Design Matters I am part of the organisation team for digital design conferences in

Copenhagen and Tokyo.

Design Matters 20 is a hybrid conference that took place both in person and live online around the world, to r
espond to the ever-evolving constraints put on travel and assembly due to the pandemic. Design Matters 19, held in Copenhagen, welcomed more than 1000 people from 45+ countries. The Tokyo pop-up conference focused on connecting Scandinavia and Japan on design and culture.

At Design Matters 20, my role was to ensure that in person and online schedules were running

smoothly, to post on SoMe channels, and coordinante all the volunteers. I was also a host to speakers and attendees.

At Design Matters 19, I designed spaces and lighting for workshop rooms, Craft Zone and stage areas. My role was also to be a host to speakers, attendees and volunteers. Finally, I ensured that schedule and app notifications were running smoothly and efficiently.

At Design Matters Tokyo I had a specialist role in communicating with the local Japanese collaborators and attendees, as well as making sure everything was according to plan.

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